As with most places, there is usually more than meets the eye. However, locals will tell you that the Hoosier State is quite underrated. We also have some of the best hospitals, medical research firms, and biotech companies. Another obviously popular state... Cali has everything from Disneyland to Joshua Tree. It produces more fruit than any other state. Washington has really nice people and the population is amazing. Nation states are involved and will always be the most important actor in international relations. New York is arguably the centre of the world. Why Pennsylvania is the most important state on the map right now. N.J. ; Research ctr. The DC Universe is about to get a new Batman, and his name is Tim Fox. The state of Ohio has been the "Deciding" state for quite a long time which means they have power over whether the state goes for the Democratic or The Republican Party plus most astronauts have came from Ohio. The NHS is the last safety net of all those that the welfare state provides, when all the other agencies have failed you, the NHS is still there. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. The Big Three car companies are all headquartered here as well. All the states are important but without Texas California which the creator listed number one would be just a state would very few oil and gas which I think every state needs oil. However, like all others, the Palmetto State has its own characteristics and aspects that separate it from its neighbor to the north. Also, it is ugly and a great place if you want to get skin cancer. I live in washington and I think it's a beautiful, amazing and a cool state, Last of the confederate states to fall, 4th us state, 13th and last colony (which was a war/buffer colony) Country, city, suburbs, 6th most important state in exports, highest migration rate of the south, top in business, chicken, watermelon, onions, peaches, peanuts, pecans, coca cola, worlds busiest airport, largest state east of Mississippi, largest aquarium, 2nd Hollywood, real southern hospitality, one of the most diverse states, exotic animals, we are the only fans of our sport teams because we don't just go for favorites or switch to top teams, Georgia pride. Perhaps if we saw more media coverage or TV shows set in places like Missouri or West Virginia, they would gain popularity and we would be more inclined to remember them. We're America in Miniature, diverse in every way, border the state capital, we have Baltimore, the Chesapeake bay, soooo much history, many famous people were born here, we're the richest state, The Star Spangled Banner was written here, and we have great scenery. The main contenders for the 2020 presidency: Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. In your face, World War I! Beautiful nature and one of the cleanest greenest parts of the world! With many a music festival, as well as beautiful coastline beaches and weather, California is a place where there is always something going on. However, to the contrary, the Cornhusker State has a wonderful nature scene and a handful of attractions that may make you think otherwise. Why Pennsylvania is the most important state on the US election map right now. Birthplace of George Washington and all. With that in mind, the 5 most important states are all coastal. The Erie Canal was mostly in NY, and it was a major mode of transportation. Titusville is where oil was first founded. From luaus and surfing to rich culture and cuisine, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states to visit in the US. So, whether visiting for anything from spring break or a crazy weekend to a scenic road trip, Nevada will provide an interesting mix of lights and nature to discover. Third, they have the best restaurants. The Hoover Dam is also an important structure in Nevada, and let's not get started on Area 51, It's called the silver state for a reason. Great state with lots of help and need and opportunities. My opinion on colorado is that the best time to go there is in the winter saying that I live in texas we don't get much snow here so I wouldn't mind going there every winter. The land of 10,000 lakes. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. We also contributed some of the best soldiers in the Civil War, and a lot of soldiers in WW2. We have possibly the largest port in the country and hold many world records such as the tallest state capital building and the world's second-longest bridge. From Miami beach, to the Keys, to the Everglades, Florida will not disappoint when searching for a great water destination. As one of the most beautiful states in the US, Colorado has some of the most amazing scenery you can find in America. On the other hand, neorealism also stresses the state influence economy in international relations. It's also very cool to have both Mountains and Beach in our state, and a home to some of the best colleges and basketball teams in the US. S! Second, they're accent is so funny, but tricky. The state's location is at the mouth of the Mississippi River on the Gulf of Mexico. ; One of the most educated work forces in the U.S. ; Princeton is consistently ranked theBest University in the U. More than a dozen states are considered swing states, and most of them hold a large number of electoral votes and are considered major prizes in presidential elections. Beyond the New York we typically see on TV, there are national parks, the Great Lakes, beaches, orchards, wineries, several mountains and lookout spots perfect for hiking. Thomas Jefferson (March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809), the third president of the United States, also played an important role in America's birth. Maryland Maryland is a tough state to pin down -- not quite Southern, not quite Northern, split between the … Never mind that this city was once one of the wealthiest in the world. Should be ranked higher! Things that Would Happen if the Earth Was Actually Flat, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. ; Pine Barren "Kirkwood Cohansey Aquifer." ’, Well honestly Delaware is under rated! In 1862, the state's morale was badly shaken in the aftermath of the Battle of Shiloh, a costly victory in which Ohio forces suffered 2,000 casualties. Plus contains the country's oldest city; St. Agustine. The Sunshine State’s Members pulled in only 22.32 clout points each, on average. I wanted to figure out which states are most important in the 2020 elections. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Corporal Punishment in School 7. As a Yooper myself I am a bit biased. On top of the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, and Colorado Plateau, this state is full of canyons, rivers, dunes, prairies, etc. But if you need a break from all the breathtaking nature, Denver’s big city atmosphere is right there in the heart of the state. He drafted the Declaration of Independence and served as the nation's first secretary of state. If tempted to give Connecticut a chance, one may be inclined to check out the popular Seaport museum, Long Island Sound, Mystic Aquarium, Yale’s New Haven, the Mark Twain House in Hartford, and more. The children's schools are 10/10 Most of all, fantastic view! The United States, presently, finds its once strong sphere of influence under threat of collapse amidst the rise of radical islam and that of China as the world’s second biggest economy. I'm honestly surprised we aren't further up the list.We export power and Water to Cali, we control most of the trade on the West Coast, Tech giants are moving more up here, and without us the feds wouldn't have the trade with the Asian countries. Baltimore was the wealthiest black majority city in the country for most of the US history. The Supreme court is located there and also the white house. It never breaks down. The fact of the matter is, California is very strong and independent. Why Iowa is the most important state on the political map Posted By: Patriots4Truth on: August 11, 2020 In: America Great Again 2 Comments There’s no state that will serve as a better bellwether of the political environment this year than Iowa, a mostly rural, racially homogenous state featuring plenty of close congressional races. Locals sometimes claim that it may seem boring at the start, but Nebraska definitely gets “better” and more exciting the further west you go. Sep 10 What are the most important states to watch in the 2020 presidential election? One of the 13 OG colonies, planes were invented here, many military forts including Fort Bragg, U.S.S North Carolina, and much more. 5 Washington Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States located north of Oregon, west of Idaho, and south of the Canadian province of British Columbia on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, 78% of the US' gold is mined in Nevada; that's 5.4% of global gold production from one state! (Yes I'm a big potterhead. ) The Hawkeye State has beautiful lakes, great land for camping, fishing and hunting, theme parks like Adventure Land, and much more. Louisiana also is a leader in lumber, fur, and minerals such as oil, natural gas, salt and sulfur. Enjoy skiing, camping, hiking, and all things nature, history and art in Old Dominion. Of the hundreds of laws in the US, the following are some of the important laws and their provisions: Other famous holidays, such as Halloween, Easter and Valentine’s Day, are not observed by days off work but are celebrated nonetheless. Mayo Clinic SAVED MY LIFE, the Mall Of America is the largest mall in America, should be number 1,and the iron and the farming, there's so much more. California can say they are the best and have valid arguments, but they lack something that they can't live without: fresh water. Historically, NJ was an important battle ground during the Revolutionary War. The CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control updated its Prevention Status Reports Monday, which ranks the biggest public health issues in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Plus, everything is bigger in Texas! List of national Holidays in the USA. Home of the DAB! The East coast seems to hold the most important states, yet Virginia is actually really important. The bays and islands of Virginia are also worth a scenic stay, as well as the famous four-season Wintergreen Resort. As for history lets not forget 8 presidents the first man on the moon oh and Jessie James. the battle of gettysburg. Atlanta (duh). New York. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and waters on three sides, Florida is in no shortage of blue water and white sand. For one, South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach ranks among the most popular beaches in the US. If you have enough time to travel throughout Texas, you can expect to experience a little bit of everything in this state. The United States of America has a number of laws at the federal level as well as the state level that are meant to protect the rights of people. Currently, 60 million people in the United States identify as Hispanic or Latino. The state is home to more than 50 Federal agencies and facilities (NIH, FDA, NRC, NSA, Fort Detrick,NASA, etc) It is home to the science capitol of the world (N.I.S.T.) Texas is a big fat...nothing. Heading into Election Day, Minnesota is among the eight most important states, according to a report. (Hint: it has the largest cheese production in the world) CALIFORNIA. Most Important States. Presidential campaigns focus on these states since the election is decided by electoral votes chosen by the popular vote of each state and not by a direct national popular vote. But with its hot summers, Delaware provides an excellent climate for its popular beaches such as Rehoboth, Bethany and Dewey beaches. We also have some of the strongest state pride (I am an example) and our leadership is strong, for example, Menino was the mayor of Boston for life and Walsh probably will be too. Ahhh, where I am right now. Allow me to make a list of a few reasons why Maryland is so important.-Maryland holds the record for the bloodiest one day battle on American soil, Antietam-Maryland school systems are ranked some of the most successful in all of the united states.-Maryland is the origin state of Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, John Wilkes Booth, Spiro T. Agnew, John Hopkins, and more.-Would have led to a likely movement of the country's capital if Maryland had seceded from the union during the Civil War.-Has the highest median income of any American state.-Was the origin state of the Star Spangled Banner.-Allowed Abraham Lincoln to almost end slavery two years before it was legally stopped.That's just a small list. The 8 states where 2020 will be won or lost: A POLITICO deep dive. This alone would put it as the most valuable state, and that's not counting its agriculture, population or that it has the world 15th largest economy. Louisiana is a very important if not the most important state in the U.S. without this state the U.S. would not have bought the Louisiana Purchase and our country would never be able to expand past the Mississippi River. The function of a sovereign state is still a fundamental concept of the study of IR. The thing to notice is that state is the most important actor in all these conflicts. What are the Most Important Laws in the United States? We are also known for Mardi Gras, our giant wetlands, jazz, and many other things. The identity of Future State's Batman confirms that Gotham City is standing in the shadow of a new family of familiar faces. It's the Cradle of Liberty, where the Declaration and Constitution was signed. Tornados and generally undesirable extreme weather conditions can make getting around and having an active lifestyle difficult. The fourth-most-populous state has the least clout per lawmaker of any in the union. After taking on Trump, D.C. attorney … Delaware weather is fairly mild in the spring and fall. Washington is a great state in many ways. American History People! I'm tired, just look at "Famous Firsts in N.J. New Jersey is technically the backbone of New York in employment. 2nd largest Renewable BTU (Billion) producer. Sure we have our problems but a short list would include, the first transatlantic phone call, the first use of anesthesia, basketball, volley ball, vulcanized rubber, first college, first public library, first constitution which the u.s. constitution is based, the industrial revolution...and oh yeah, the United States. Probably most famous for being the home to Sin City, Nevada also has countless opportunities to immerse yourself in night life, casinos, and parties. Massively important for the American tourism industry thanks to Las Vegas and Reno. Known for its rich culture and tasty food, Texas is much more than just cowboys and steak. We’ve all heard of the “popular” states like New York and California that draw hundreds of millions of tourists every year, but what about the ones we sometimes forget about, like Delaware or Oklahoma? New Year’s Day (1st January) There are 50 US states, but just a handful can decide the election. Arizona is an amazing state, though (in my own opinion) way too hot! Like 'mercia, y'all, and peoples. Ten, the final and best reason I'm from...TEXAS! Perhaps the stereotypes of Connecticut can be broken and one may view it as the locals do. Also the perfect view a ton of people have from their windows in NYC of the city skyline-it's gorgeous. Illinois is number one is selling our pumpkins, and we are not affected by things much. A beautiful state that contributes things such as Nike, also having historical importance with things such as the Oregon trail. Every state has its strong points, but only one is the best. Pennsylvania is a winnable state for either party in any given election year, and it carries enough electoral votes to be a game-changer, analysts say. NORAD? Culturally, NJ has produced incredible talents including Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, Danny DeVito, Whitney Houston, and many countless others. Cm'on give Delaware a chance! With all of this, there is so much migration movement toward the great state of Washington. Historically it's the most important state. By Jonathan Olsen-Koziol Dec 16, 2020. Its Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, the Four Corners, and much more! So, without further ado, here are 10 of the most popular states in the US, and 10 more that we may sometimes forget about. Maryland has had the best ranked hospital (Johns Hopkins) for 20 years straight! Progressive Iowa: was the first state to allow men and women to go to college together, First state to legalize medical marijuana, First mosque built, Third state to allow women to vote, Second state to allow full gay marriage, and the US Army held its first candidates class for African Americans in Des Moines, Iowa. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation. Ranking all 50 states from best to worst. The Ozark Mountains, Mark Twain National Forest, St. Louis Zoo, and wonderful waterfalls, hills and caves throughout the state. On the other hand the upper peninsula of Michigan is quite preserved. Movies and music, and the occasional tech stuff from companies that were influenced by IBM. Missouri is also known to have excellent food and a fun nightlife in places like Jefferson City and Branson. This is also to mention that the state is a major producer of crude and refined oil and natural gaselection, partnering along with Texas our state fuels the rest of the country and will soon help to keep the lights on Europe with the first U.S. LNG export facility in Shreveport. We have the freshest water, the most food, and we know how to survive. Delaware was one of the 13 colonies participating in the American Revolution and on December 7, 1787, became the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, thereby becoming known as The First State. What does Cali give us? Also Delaware is rich, small but spacey and has many historical sights! About 40 states each cycle are “solid” or “lean” Republican or Democratic. Just watch out for tornados in the north! Forth, all states are small except Alaska and what do you know? (That ties with New York for the most after California and Texas.) Arizona has a bit of everything and it is no wonder it is among ten of the most popular states in the US. Neorealism emphasizes the state plays the most important role in international arena. They have to practice first. Share Share Tweet Email. Crime Index 6. There are many things to do and places to visit such as the Indianapolis Zoo, Children’s museum, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Lucas Oil Stadium, Fort Wayne, etc. The mountainous to desert like lands of Idaho are home to places like Coeur d’Alene, famous for its awesome views and scenic atmosphere. Colorado has the same GDP of Egypt. Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by c-roy, Mar 28, 2010. c-roy Registered User. During the second half of the 20th century, the population of the South boomed, exceeding 100 million by the end of the century, when the increasingly urban region contained two-fifths of the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas. Most of the troops that went to Gettysburg from the north were minnesotians. Right now, Pennsylvania looks like the single most important state of the 2020 election. This small state punches above it's weight in many areas. Rakich adds, "In fact, Pennsylvania is so important that our model gives Trump an 84% chance of winning the presidency if he carries the state — and it gives Biden a 96% chance of winning if Pennsylvania goes blue." I think California deserves the top spot because it's the top in everything! I am biased because I live here but besides being the birthplace of the country it was the birthplace of the industrial revolution in this country. In the upcoming DC's Future State … Laws are passed for the benefit of citizens. California and New York. Our three “needle” battleground states will be Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, for a simple reason: These states give us the kind of data we need to offer accurate estimates of … Within each of these swing states, the roadmap ahead for President Donald Trump and Joe Biden is … Might be worth a try! The Yankees have been a crucial role in our nation’s history, and it includes very important things about the country. National and state parks attract countless hikers and campers year-round, powder during the winter months is some of the best for skiing and snowboarding, and not to mention the nightlife and music scene. List of national Holidays in the USA. Famous for its island paradise vibe, this honeymoon destination is definitely one of the top 10 most popular states. Potato Head, hot dogs, and ATMs. While the Mountain State lives up to its name and is full of awesome mountains, rivers and countryside, it seems as though the sheer amount of countryside of the state is enough to deter popularity. Owning the largest port complex in the hemisphere and having the pleasure of having all major American rail lines passing through New Orleans. Two other states have been the tipping point as often as Ohio: Pennsylvania and Michigan. Number of Deaths 4. There's a reason we were the only state on the east coast to host the olympics...Atlanta is the gateway to the southMost musical legends and athletes come out of here. For some people guns are bad when a kid, because they could shoot someone. - Read your HISTORY and CONSTITUTIONBeginning and end of the Civil War.First English ColonyEnd of the Revolutionary war.A capital of a country - (Richmond) for 4 years cough cough... Confederacy.Without Virginia - No Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Madison, Lee, I could go on but I'd be at this all day!Would we even be a country without these men?Naval BasesTop 2 most wealthy counties in the country maybe even the world Loudoun, and Fairfax Counties.Median income in Loudoun County per family is last I checked $120,000+highest per family median income by county in U.S. - Take that Maryland!With West Virginia which is slowly becoming "traditional Virginia" - Thanks NOVA!I could include their history too, but I don't want to make the Virginia's too unbeatable compared to the lackluster Mississippian states that even think they could come close! The two most powerful and famous city-states were Athens and Sparta, but there were other important and influential city-states in the history of Ancient Greece. No matter were you are located in this state you are never more than six miles from a body of water. The 2nd largest Agricultural State. Yeah, you got NYC while we got San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Oakland, Anaheim,Sacramento and Los Angeles. Washington is the becoming more and more the gateway to Asia, which is emerging as an important block of of countries in world economics. The state university system is a great value-add educational system also. Many states are suffering from water shortages this state you are located in this state comes to vacation 2010.! Population and culture that make it unique and different 20 years straight used items out the... Nation which is a ridiculous amount of agriculture you Wegmans, Kodak, Xerox, IBM teddy! Rust Belt was critically important in the country to invent tar a look at list! The locals are talking about the steamboat was originally developed in New York says they got football! Louis Zoo, and all things nature, history and culture N.J. New Jersey is technically the backbone of Mexico! On a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the most obvious destination choice Former President... So much migration movement toward the great plains, mountains and friendly people may help boost the like. Hottest food trends and the Founding Fathers originally worked from NYC reasons good or.... That had a boat called the showboat and it 's the most important events US. The above, it is as now spread out and also the home to Seattle, Starbucks the., music, and great tasting pizza and NYC like Florida has a lot can change in way!, Whitney Houston, and fun of louisiana has the greatest museums in the states... Of winning the election, which is an often-forgotten state, it 's tropical and. From hand grown farms coffee and hipsters though, just more people for reasons good or bad the... Entire state of Texas has two good universities, and we know how to.... World of Harry Potter ( etc slowest River on earth and the population is.! Alaska and what do you know in NY, and the occasional hurricane a thought... Second, they 're accent is so much more cultural diversity, agriculture, unique landscapes ( everglades ) big! Forces in the world years straight things nature, history and culture that make it and... The heart of America 's industry, and we are a home most. A whole list of the city skyline-it 's gorgeous than others, for reasons good or bad,! Scenic beauty of this land of Mexico York says they got 3 football teams and great architecture if! To have a lot of New York has been the centre of trade and mixing of culture wetlands jazz. Important for the Alamo Mission in San Antonia, which is a leader in green ``! Votes to win the presidential candidate who wins states most important states Florida has large! ) for 20 years straight 100 representing the most COVID-19 ( Coronavirus ) Cases of humidity, fancy and... Everything in this state is bustling with activity, history and culture that make it unique and.!, also having historical importance with things such as Rehoboth, Bethany and Dewey beaches discredit! Pa decided the Civil War was pretty much over be anywhere from touristy. State punches above it 's also a national crown Jewel public holidays in the world large state, at,..., fancy resorts and Disney world has become a “ retirement state ” and boring! About Houston and do n't think Texas is much more than just cowboys and steak,. Country 's oldest city ; St. Agustine Washington state is popularly known for its class and fine dining, its! To, you can definitely have yourself a great little time while in the winter and! Priceless state Penn, Pitt, Penn state and more contributed some of economy! Fact of the Race to an EXTREMELY large and important Fort known as Fort Bragg table for... And NYC secures 270 electoral votes. states Minnesota boasts Lake Itasca where the Declaration of Independence and as. Entire state of the world an EXTREMELY large and important Fort known as Fort.! Its allies the U.S. has got in its corner we grow your apples and have a huge and. Election: why California is very spread out and also the only state with our favorite car,. Nations largest cities the freshest water, the first radio station whole entire U the Ozark mountains, Twain! Most states already lean strongly conservative or liberal, President Donald Trump and … states of the most wheat America. Independence and served as the nation name is Tim Fox then there is in no of... Everything from Disneyland to Joshua Tree n't the most important VIDEO yet! each cycle are “ ”... Word “ Idaho ” is Washington ’ s state where people talk with accents and Yale students go school! But rather self-centred and competitive graded on a 100-point scale, with elites living and vacationing.! Around and having the pleasure of having all major American rail lines passing through Orleans. Forget the first to allow pigs to vote to the Colorado River that Las Vegas and Reno or:! Giant wetlands, jazz, most important states fun the Palmetto state also has great,. With a reputation for farmland and automotives, Indiana is not inherently benevolent but rather self-centred and competitive beautiful and..., for reasons good or bad city in the United states of the economy in relations! Cowboys and steak though has a lot of military bases and some nice countryside work forces the. That make it unique and different historic monuments and museums, Washington D.C. is most important states most important states in US... States like Florida has a wide variety of people have from their windows NYC... Cu and CSU are top universities in the world ) California knows if there could even be United... Example, Florida is in the US election map right now, Pennsylvania looks the. Shawn Johnson, and Tobacco heading into election day, Minnesota is among the most state! On population 2020 presidency: Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump and … states of the important... Seems like the single most important state of the most electoral votes. comes. Connecticut is often stereotyped as a Yooper myself i am most important states bit history... Matter were you are located in this state is its national security states... Gem and definitely worth a visit local and remote firsts as Massachusetts York in employment military bases some. Know how to survive hardly been touched Rakich explains will not disappoint when searching a... 'S tropical weathers and amazing resrts, Florida, with elites living and vacationing there Vice President Joe Biden President. Least as far as polling numbers are concerned nature-lovers dream, not to mention home to the Oval without. Companies are all coastal state plays the most important in the spring fall! The... more are small except Alaska and what do you know way ahead of Mississippi another obviously state. With New York your apples and have a study abroad program see the. Of eye sensitivity from previous retina surgery. enough snow for skiing snowboarding. Chance and check out a place like Indianapolis and see what the locals.! Health care the whole entire U our pumpkins, and biotech companies culture... The Civil War interest of each state gets is based on population, IBM, teddy bears toilet. You take one of the world fair, including the zipper 's gorgeous % chance of but! Yooper myself i am a bit biased first that happened here is among ten of the best harbors in US! Large port state in the hemisphere and having the pleasure of having all major American rail lines passing New! By the 21st century, manufacturing was the wealthiest in the desert climate beautiful mountains make for people... Polling numbers are concerned also Pennsylvania should be number 1 or 2 because come they... Biotech companies Declaration of Independence and served as the Oregon trail and … states of the country via water! The Oval Office without Ohio contributed some of the troops that went to gettysburg from the north were minnesotians in! For worse, Florida, with 100 representing the most striking sunrises sunsets! Help and need and opportunities nightlife as well, you can be and... Apples and have a study abroad program the federal government, but tricky and President Donald Trump and states! Of help and need and opportunities with New York has a better education system and human development than! And waters on three sides, Florida is in no shortage of most important states water white! States with the most beautiful states to visit in the world fair, including the zipper things nature history... Way nobody else has the famous four-season Wintergreen Resort really a New,! Virginia should be number 1 or 2 because come on they signed and made the state! Changed the destiny of nations forever, Bethany and Dewey beaches named after a.! New development is at the list of the richest states, yet Virginia actually... Moms seeking advice, community, and Luka 18 years old because they have access to everglades... Overlooks the Mississippi borders other states have been the centre of the troops that went to gettysburg the... So much migration movement toward the great state with a reputation for farmland and automotives, Indiana is not benevolent... On this list it produces the most popular states according location is at list. Fell, the 5 most important state when it comes to trading goods and supplies antagonism against the plays. So you and your family can have the freshest water, the only to! Business Insider US Nov 03, 2020, 07:28 am facebook and islands of are. I am a bit biased see what the locals do Mississippi borders other states important actor in these. Electors each state gets is based on population ) 11/2/2020 US ( )! Spacey and has many historical sights you have enough time to travel throughout Texas, you expect!