Find Your Consultant. Prevail - Click here (Page 29) Trial Data - Click here (Page 4) Spring Wheat Variety Trial Results - Click here. Quality wheat. The wheat varieties are selected under Danish and Finnish conditions, and the first lines from our own breeding was tested in the Danish and Finnish farmer union trials in 2019. These varieties remain vegetative for a long period of time, providing early winter grazing opportunities by livestock before allowing the crop to recover to produce grain. Spring Wheat; Winter Wheat; Forage and Grass; Barley; Durum; Peas & Legumes; Cover Crop; Canola; Services. Table summarizes the agronomic and milling and baking performance of hard red spring wheat varieties test in multiple locations in North Dakota in 2020. Do you want to know which products fit your regional conditions best? DAUGANA E Quality wheat. A study of the global Vrn-genes distribution supports the hypothesis that these loci have different breeding values. Stem Rust. Wittler Seed Farm. Find your consultant. Hard Red Wheat. Summary. Do you have any trouble with pests or diseases? spring wheat trials are not designed for crop (species) comparisons, because the various crops are grown on different fields or with different management. Producing high-quality seeding material of Russian spring soft wheat varieties in Priobskaya zone of Altay forest steppes S Zharkova1, A Nechaeva1, N Kiyan1 and I Gefke1 1 Altay State Agrarian University, 98, pr. KABOT B Baking wheat. But spring wheat typically costs Kansas millers about US80 cents per bushel more than hard red winter wheat and that is before the cost of shipping the product 1,300 kilometres from the upper Midwest. While wheat can logically be classified into 8 groupings, all combinations of hard or soft, red or white, and spring or winter, the wheat foods council does not list soft red spring wheat as a variety commonly grown in the United States. The grain texture of varieties ranged from soft to hard. Tested hard red spring wheat varieties are listed in the order of their flowering date in the tables. Quality wheat. Spring - Canada Western Red Spring Feature High Yield Potential Feature Excellent Rust Resistance Feature Good Standability A high yielding variety with excellent disease protection and great physical and functional quality. Variety Overview Wheat. GOLDSPRING E Quality wheat. The objective of this summary is to help farmers select the varieties which will perform best in their area. Plant in the Spring as early as the soil can be worked. The data should only be used to com-pare varieties within a table. Its high untreated yield of [82%] of treated controls reflects its good all-round disease resistance. SU TARRAFAL E Quality wheat… For growing information, please … Winter wheat usually yields more than spring wheat. In many areas facultative varieties can be grown either as winter or as a spring, depending on time of sowing. Where some summer rainfall occurs, dry beans are an important crop. Varieties Spring wheat AKVITAN A Quality wheat. Also Read: Recommended lists: What spring barley will you plant in 2020? Analysis of the flour particle size and flour particle specific surface of wheat varieties cultivated in different environments demonstrated high heritability (0.79–0.8) and strong repeatability of the traits. Proven Spring Wheat Varieties. Rather than use chemicals, many farmers would prefer to grow wheat varieties that resist stripe rust and the development of such varieties is a top priority for wheat breeding programs. We plant in small plots which can be partially worked by hand as they dry. Home > Cereals > Spring wheat. View all variety … Apply additional 30 N kg N/ha is permitted for spring wheat grown under a milling contract with a merchant / co – op. Bacterial Leaf Streak. This is where the homestead scale farmer can have an advantage over the commercially sized equipment. SUNUP's Austin Moore talks with Tom Peeper, Extension small grain specialist about the benefits of spring wheat varieties versus their winter cousins. Continue reading continue reading. Canadian wheat varieties are grouped into classes by their functional characteristics. Two new spring wheat varieties have been added to the provisionally recommended list – the only new varieties to be added to the spring cereal lists this season. AAC Brandon was first released commercially in 2015. The agronomic characteristics of spring wheat varieties evaluated by the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station are compared in this publication with other varieties commonly grown in the state. These data can be use to guide growers in selecting varieties with the performance and traits desired. New! The variety AAC Brandon, at 37.9% of Manitoba’s commercial red spring wheat acreage, was the most popular variety grown in Manitoba in 2016. Bolles: This open-pollinated, hard red spring wheat is great for home gardeners. Hard Red Spring. (Grain sorghum is another crop grown in these areas.) QUINTUS A Quality wheat. Only new varieties or The aristocrat of wheat when it comes to “designer” wheat foods like hearth breads, rolls, croissants, bagels and pizza crust. The lists were published by the Department of Agriculture this week. 4. Variety finder Quality : A B E Usage : Baking wheat. At LCS, we are proud of the fact that all of our HRSW varieties have been extensively studied and field tested for consistency and performance across a wide range of environments and conditions long before they ever make their way to the farmer. These agronomic assessments are made by … CS Daybreak. Dual purpose varieties are typically late maturing spring wheats or winter wheats that are best adapted to longer season, mid-high rainfall environments. WPB LAMBADA ; SU TARRAFAL; Advantages; General description; High and trustable yield proved in praxis since more than 10 years ; Medium late variety with short straw and good straw stability; Best leaf health, especially mildew and brown rust; High and stable yield over years. In this study, we used a panel of Russian spring wheat varieties. Canada Eastern Other Wheat. Limit list. Foliar Disease. The selection of CEOW wheat varieties is the responsibility of the receiving elevator. Spring Wheat. HRW is also an ideal wheat choice for some types of Asian noodles, general purpose flour and as an improver for blending. It was the fourth most popular variety in 2015 (10.4%). SU AHAB E Quality wheat. It’s resistant to leaf rust. Dual Purpose Wheat. Wheat is a grass widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain which is a worldwide staple food. That's why Syngenta has added AP Murdock to its proven portfolio of AgriPro ® brand wheat. Canada Western Red Spring Wheat. 3. SERVUS A Quality wheat. Wheat Varieties. Spring Wheat Public Varieties 2020 Data; AP Murdock - Click here (Page 29) Trial Data - Click here (Page 4) 2019 Data. 57 Accesses. DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., USA, Oct. 29, 2020 - Effective spring wheat production starts with selecting the right variety-and in a dynamic environment like the Northern Plains, growers understand the importance of choice when it comes to deciding which seed varieties to plant. Bolles needs 90-120 days to reach maturity. Soft Red Winter. News Articles; Published Newsletters; eNews Subscription; Contact; Select Page. Seed Treatments; Performance Data; News. The many species of wheat together make up the genus Triticum; the most widely grown is common wheat (T. aestivum).The archaeological record suggests that wheat was first cultivated in the regions of the Fertile Crescent around 9600 BCE. We are happy to help! Canada is the world’s largest exporter of hard red spring wheat. 2. At the Finnish market we primarily look for earliness and backing quality. The Spring wheat program is based in Svalöv, Sweden, and aims to develop spring wheat varieties to be cultivated in Scandinavia, in the Baltic Sea region, and central Europe but the material is suitable also in other regions. 4. North Dakota farmers rank first in the production of HRSW in the United States, with more than 14,000 farms that grow hard red springs each year. Show varieties. We will gladly answer any questions you might have to achieve best yields and results. Varieties. Learn More . Wheat production in Canada dates back to the early 17th century. North Dakota Hard Red Spring Wheat Variety Trial Results for 2020 and Selection Guide (A574-20, Oct. 2020) Download PDF. Disease Tolerance Disease. HRS is also a valued improver in flour blends. Hard red varieties are mostly grown west of the Mississippi River and are the top commercial bread type. Metrics details. Krasnoarmeysky, Barnaul, 656049 Russia E-mail:, Abstract. One or all of the varieties may be protected under one or more of the following: Plant Variety Protection, United States Plant Patents and/or Utility Patents and may not be propagated or reproduced without authorization. Geographic distribution of Vrn-genes in landraces and improved varieties of spring bread wheat. KWS Cochise is a high performing spring wheat with good grain quality, tall and stiff straw and an outstanding specific weight of 79.1kg/hl. It spread westward from present-day Quebec, reaching Manitoba in the early 19th century with the Selkirk settlers. Data from 2015 -2018 is provided for each of the testing sites. Other articles where Spring wheat is discussed: agricultural technology: Dryland farming: …the most favoured crop, although spring wheat is planted in some areas where severe winter killing may occur. Spring Wheat and Cereals Spring Wheat. Canadian wheat classes are categorized as western Canadian or eastern Canadian by the regions in which the varieties are grown. Results. 2019/2020 Standard Wheat TestCounty Standard Test18 Varieties x 7 Locations (PDF) Wheat Variety Performance Tests in Tennessee 2020 AgResearch & Education Center TestsVarieties Tested Current YearLocation information from Agricultural Research and Education Centers where the wheat variety tests in 2020.Mean yields† of 78 soft red winter wheat varieties evaluated at five… Variety description: Current view Details TYBALT A. 4. It matures in late August from an early spring planting. Spring wheat. In 2010, nearly 13 million acres of hard red spring wheat varieties were planted in the United States, equating to 570 million bushels produced. FUSARIUM HEAD BLIGHT. We have great success with varieties such as FLIPPEN, DISKETT and DACKE for Nordic and Baltic countries, and JACK and NOBLESS for German market.